Dr. Jason Roger Izzi

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Dr. Jason Roger Izzi


Dr. Jason Izzi is passionate about the field of orthodontics and being able to improve the health and well being of others. He grew up with a medical background.

“The best thing about practicing orthodontics is the ability to share in the rewards of treatment with your patients. After the braces are removed, it’s sometimes dramatic how much an adolescent’s confidence improves with their new smile. Adult patients always take great satisfaction in fixing their problems and finally achieving that perfect alignment they had been looking for.”

Dr. Izzi completed his undergraduate degree at Boston College. He then received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Tufts University where he was awarded a merit scholarship. To specialize in orthodontics he attended Boston University and completed two years of study in orthodontics and craniofacial orthopedics. At Boston University he studied under Dr. Anthony Gianelli. Dr. Gianelli was a world-renowned lecturer, author of several textbooks on orthodontics, and founder of the bi-dimensional technique. Dr. Izzi now practices that technique along with several others to provide the most efficient treatment possible.

Dr. Izzi regularly attends continuing education seminars to ensure his practices utilizes the most modern orthodontic appliances and techniques.